The “Cosmopolis” project has office spaces on the 3rd and 4th floor with the following benefits:

  • The residential complex is placed in a perfect location that gives access to public transport for all employees and customers.The place serves as a “connecting point” between the following districts: Centru, Râşcani, Ciocana, Buiucani, Sculeanca, Posta Veche. It is “transited” daily by more than 35 thousand cars, which circulate in both directions.
  • The public transport stations are located directly in front of the block, about 30 meters from the main entrance of “Cosmopolis”, from both sides of the street and in both directions. Trolleybuses circulate next to the block: 23, 21, 27, 29, 25, so do the minibuses : 121,184, 189, 190, 132. Employees living in the mentioned before districts will move easily to the workplace in most of the cases without changing the means of transport.
  • The possibility of individual room planning and decoration.
  • Underground and surface parking lots for all employees and customers (TOTAL – 340 PLACES).
  • Security entrance and CCTV.
  • Modern autonomous heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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3rd Floor

Office space for rent on the 3rd floor is 1972 m2.

4th Floor